Glen of Imaal Terrier Temperament

Are Glens prone to hysterical behaviour? It can categorically be stated that they aren’t. An earthquake strikes and they don’t make a sound whilst their owner works through everything from crashed helicopters to road accidents! Not a usual example to use for a terrier test description but as everybody knows Glens aren’t ordinary.

It’s only 10 days until Crufts so it’s becoming preparations R US. Crufts is always getting a quart into a pint pot and this year is no different. People and Glens are coming from all over the world so it’ll be busy, busy. There will be details of the PRA Fund Raising Weekend available at Crufts but the (get the jargon) high profile advertising will start end of March. Keep an eye up for it!


Didn’t Jason polish up well but his beautiful cream trousers wouldn’t have done if it was muddy. It was a wonderful bit of populist broadcasting but the dogs looked good so we forgive Paul repeating (once again) the myth of less than a thousand Glens worldwide. The global Glen community is getting a bit brassed off with it but what the heck; why should facts ruin a good story!

We can announce something for the men at the PRA Weekend in July. A lawnmower firm is coming with some of their very, very, very interesting sit and ride tractor mowers so now the menfolk have no excuse not to come. If you want any information about their products taking along just have a look at their website and email your requirements for brochures but don’t forget to tell them it is for the Glen of Imaal PRA Fundraising Weekend at Swineshead.

PRA Fundraising Weekend

July may seem a long way away but plans are well advanced for the GLEN OF IMAAL PRA Fundraising Weekend. The judges are booked and the licence has been granted for the Companion Show. Dr. Bedford is coming to do the eye testing and Professor Epplan will be giving a talk. Events are being organised, stands booked and stalls organised. There is even a Burger Van coming! Have you remembered to circle July 12 & 13 in the diary yet?


If you want a first look at Glens before seeing them in the flesh take a look at the Countryfile programme, Sunday 24th February @ 11am on BBC1 .
A group of lesser known British & Irish dog breeds, collectively called the “Vulnerable Breeds” will be represented in the programme. Some showing their ability in a working environment.
This is a great chance to see some of the breeds that are not so popular with the dog owning trend of today.
The Glen of Imaal is represented with owners Jason and Stephen. If you want to see more Glens and learn about the breed do come along to the Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens PRA Fund Raising event, including a K.C. Licensed Comapnion Show, on July 12th/13th at Swineshead, Lincolnshire. It will be a great chance to speak with owners of many years and meet a lot of Glens whilst having a great day out. A brilliant chance to see, and understand, first hand why we all appreciate this breed so much.

“Rarest Breed”

I guess many will have seen the recent headlines in the newspapers & television: Glens are rarer than Giant Pandas and there are less than a thousand in the world! Remember Freddie Starr ate my Hamster as a headline in the Sun a few years ago? The recent Glen headlines are as truthful as that one was; in other words huge journalistic licence. There are more Glen of Imaal Terriers around in the world than there have ever been and that is certainly more than a thousand.