Crufts starts tomorrow!

It’s here, well nearly. Discover Dogs means Glen of Imaal Terriers can be seen every day but if you want to see the most Glens and talk to the most knowledgeable people you will need to visit the show on Sunday to see the Glens in the ring……at the unearthly hour of 8.30am down in Hall 1.

If you want to enjoy Crufts for the comfort of home it is on the BBC. Thursday is Toy & Utility, Friday is Gundog, Saturday Working & Pastoral and Sunday Terriers and Hounds. As Sunday is Best In Show day the BBC are doing mega coverage of Crufts so set the recorders.

As well as the BBC there is Crufts FM to tune into and Crufts is now on YouTube so maybe a Glen of Imaal Terrier will get internet fame!