Crufts….2 days until Terrier Day!

At Crufts everybody thinks their Group Day is the best but Terrier Day is THE one to visit. As well as all the fabulous dogs you will see animals that you may remember from being little. Aunt Maud always had a Sealyham or Grandad with his Manchester, breeds that you don’t see much anymore but there are still there. The long titled British and Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust (known to dog folk as the Vulnerable Breeds people) is there to make sure the breeds continue. Go and see their booth in Discover Dogs.

Get the map out. Reports are coming on of roadworks on the M42 and people were taking 90 minutes to do six miles. The BBC travel watch says they are on the M42 Southbound between junction 8 & 7A. Don’t use the M69 to get round them as that says roadworks as well.

Well, the American Glen of Imaal Terrier people are here and the Finns have started their journey. To the longer travelling UK people who set off tomorrow (North of Scotland and the Channel Isles) hope you have a safe journey.