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A special donation…..

Recently one of theĀ  most senior admirers of Glens died. When his effects were being gone through it was discovered he had been rearing plants for the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend. He had realised his health meant he probably wouldn’t be able to attend so was doing the plants to help make everything “look nice” and hoped that maybe the pots and tubs could be sold afterwards and raise some money that way. We will be doing our best to make sure his wishes are carried out!

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The list is growing….

Another goodie has been donated for the Companion Show FUNd Raising Weekend. RBT (International) have offered framed photographs of the Best In Show and Best Puppy. More people have been in touch and said that they will be bringing raffle prizes but there can’t be too many so remember; THE MORE THE MERRIER!

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Thank you much….

There have now been some very nice cups donated for the Companion Show on the 13th July and the agility people have been to check the field.

LingsĀ (lawnmower people) say people are using the link on this page to see their site and are very pleased and messaging does work. The lady has been back in touch and confirmed that she will be here for the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend.

The field is now being multi-cut regularly and if anybody is going through Lincolnshire with a few hours to spare very bracing fresh air can be offered!

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This is what it’s all about….

The PRA FUNd Raising StickerThis was originally done in Finland and then became a sticker in the UK and has been adopted by many worldwide because TOGETHER Glen of Imaal Terrier people can beat PRA. This is why there is a FUNd Raiser in July in Lincolnshire.

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National Terrier…done and dusted.

In at a reasonable hour and home at a reasonable one…unless you were one of the two ticket winners who live in Ireland and the North of Scotland! It was Homer again for the dog ticket but a new one for the bitches with Karen and Ceilidh. Bet the nine hour drive went quicker going home.

The new sweatshirts were there and more orders were taken. We all need sweatshirts in this climate and showing that you support the fight against PRA can only be for the good. Let us know if you would like one

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PRA FUNd Raising Weekend

Will the lady who phoned Jean Rogers regarding Motel accomadation at Swineshead please phone again. The message got mislaid, apologises.

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Spring IS Here…..

Forget the forecast for more bad weather Spring IS here. After being on set-aside for a couple of years the field where the Companion Show is to be held has been harrowed and by July it will be lush meadow courtesy of Boston Seeds. Yes, do look at their website via the link. It’s the least we can do when they are another company that has agreed to sponsor the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend. Talking of sponsorship, Lings have said if anybody who is attending the weekend would like any particular mower or piece of equipment taking along for a testdrive just get in touch with them but do remember to say where you got their name from!

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