It’s growing!

We were starting to get a bit worried but fingers crossed……..Well the field had to be in especially good nick for all the things that are going to be done on it so fresh grass seed was laid and it stopped raining! This is Lincolnshire and it somehow or other seemed to have decided that rain was not the order of the day and without the rain the grass wouldn’t germinate. PANIC. Panic overas all the recent rain means things are again looking good.

Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen TestThe PRA FUNd Raising Weekend Schedule is getter busier by the week. Already there is a Companion Show, Agility, Lure, Go To Ground and numerous side events and to this is now added the Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Bronze Test. This will take place on both days.

The Good Citizen Test can be done by most dogs and they don’t have to be a pedigree to do it. Visit the Kennel Club website via the link and click on Bronze Award to see what is needed. If you have any questions do ask!

How’s it going?

Will you actually be able to raise any money when everybody is a little short? Is a question we’ve had. We’re working on the principle that everything has to begin somewhere and our “beginnings” (still with eight weeks to go before the actual date of the Comanion Show etc. )currently stands at over two hundred pounds so we think it may go alright!

SKC and counting…..

SKC has gone with another CC (and BOB) for Homer with Ceilidh getting her second. That makes three of that litter now with 2CCs so which will be the first to get the CH in front of their name? Once again we all suffered greatly by sampling cakes ready for the PRA FUNd raising weekend. It was decided that there would be no problem with Roberta’s banana cake sharing pride of place with Nikki’s triple chocolate (orders can be taken).

Prof. Epplen has confirmed the definate booking of his plane for the weekend. His talk should be of great interest. If you are thinking of attending please let us know so we can try and make sure that there are enough chairs!

On the road again….

The Championship Show Glen of Imaal circuit moves up to Edinburgh this weekend. There will be flyers and schedules for the Companion Show available. Admittedly Swineshead isn’t just down the road from Scotland but there is overnight accomadation available and Scotland will be on their school holidays by then. A good excuse for not attending would be sponsoring a class instead! Just talk to Jean.

Birmingham National

Birmingham National was really warm and it was nice to be inside where it was cooler. Buster took his second Challenge Certificate and another “new” lady, her first in this country. Eilish may live here in England but she has Ir Ch in front of her name and regularly visits the country of her birth.

The first of the flyers for the Companion Show were given out and people present at the benches really forced themselves to sample Nikki’s cakes. She is going to do some for the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend and thought she should try them out first. As we all had to have a second to check how suitable they were I think the general agreement was that they would pass muster. Do come on the day and give your opinion!

You’re sure to have some……

There will be stalls at the Companion Show on July 13th. One of which will be books. Everybody has them lying around so when you next tidy up any that are in decent condition could find a home at Swineshead. Our effort to help you tidy up. After all the holidays are approaching and most people take at least one book to read so why not get it from the book stall and help the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA Fund!

PRA Talk

The talk by Professor Epplen, at the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend, is an open meeting available to anybody with a Glen of Imaal terrier. Indeed anybody who is interested in gene research is more than welcome to attend. No invites have been sent out because none are needed!

Peter Bedford will also be present on both the Saturday and Sunday to do eye-testing. This is NOT restricted to Glens but is open to all breeds. To enable the day to be arranged an appointment system for ryr tests will be operating so email to reserve your time