Anybody knows this?

We were sent this. It is by Triniti and evidently you can even get a ringtone with it but is there any story (as in folklore) to it? We said we didn’t know but would ask…….

Since you left I can still feel your kiss
Deep in a dream I have made my wish
To cross through time for a moment with you
Back to the valley where our love was to true

Hear my voice calling for you
As the world turns let it carry through
For I would my life to reach that far
And walk with you in the Glen of Imaal

Out in the darkness I can feel the drums
Thousands have looked to the payer of one
With this last hope let the battle be won
And damned me search with a safe return

hear my voice calling for you
As the world turns let it carry through
For I would give my life to reach that far
And take us both to the glen of imaal

Hear my voice calling for you
As the world turns let it carry through
For I would give my life to reach that far
And walk once more in the glen of imaal

And walk with you in the glen of imaal

Getting into the swing of “Public Service Broadcasting”

The Kennel Club Art Gallery Presents: British & Irish Vulnerable Breeds: An Exhibition of Art Portraying our Rarer Breeds of Dog

The Kennel Club Art Gallery is currently planning an exhibition to take place later this year, which will be dedicated to British and Irish vulnerable breeds. Running from 26th August until 14th November 2008 the exhibition will pay tribute to vulnerable breeds by providing visitors with an insight into them and how they have been portrayed in art

Two PSBs in one week; we are so helpful but if asked we will try to oblige. Seriously though if anybody is in London towards the back end of the year it should be worth a look and you will recognise a few things. Not least of which will be the “sister” decanter to the one just auctioned on ebay to raise funds for the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA Fund.

Why Not?

How about this for an idea? The EFG will do another Glen of Imaal PRA FUNd Raiser next year but it will be one day only and concentrate mainly on the Companion Show and eye testing. The challenge will be to get the same amount of money but to do that we need you so when should the day be?

This year quite a few gave their apologies because they already had holiday and family plans but we are quite adaptable. When would you like the FUNd day to be? Let us know

We’re having a heatwave!

Leeds Champ Show was hot! Harewood House grounds have little shade in the area they use for the show and the lack of breeze made it seem ridiculously hot. There will be some very sore, pink people tomorrow.

Glen of Imaals were scheduled for around one o’clock and we actually got in at that time. Quite a change from the 5.12pm it was one year. Best of Breed was Buster with Eilish Best Bitch. She was sporting a rather good “cool coat”, it kept her cool without making her wet. If your Glen sufferes from the heat have a word with Ann.

Terriers were the last Group in and glory of glories there was a bitch in full season just a couple of dogs ahead of Buzzie. The Dandie had to be taken out of the ring because he was so beside himself and Buster most certainly did not give of his best. Rude words don’t like good on nice blogs but you can imagine what was really wanted to write!!

Yes, but we don’t know what to do..

Now the PRA FUNd Raiser is over the EFG website is out of date. The reason it hasn’t been altered is that we don’t know what to do! Should it be a total new site as the present one was done specifically to give prominence to the FUNd Raiser and have space for the downloading of schedules? Should it stay basically as it is with pictures of the day so everybody can see what a great time was had?

Let us know what you think but we would certainly like to keep one thing and that is the simplicity of the site. The EFG site may have been done with two fingers and a lot of head scratching compared to the professionally done one of the other Glen Club in the UK but time and again we are told how much easier to read, look at, navigate and find Glen of Imaal things out from our “easy-peasy” site.

Will we?

It’s already coming in by email and telephone…will there be another Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA FUNd Raiser in 2009? We ARE thinking about it but can’t do it ourselves. In other words it depends how many people are willing to help. There will be a preliminary meeting (on the possibility of doing a FUNd Raiser next year) on the benches at Leeds Championship Show this Sunday. All are welcome.