Yes, but we don’t know what to do..

Now the PRA FUNd Raiser is over the EFG website is out of date. The reason it hasn’t been altered is that we don’t know what to do! Should it be a total new site as the present one was done specifically to give prominence to the FUNd Raiser and have space for the downloading of schedules? Should it stay basically as it is with pictures of the day so everybody can see what a great time was had?

Let us know what you think but we would certainly like to keep one thing and that is the simplicity of the site. The EFG site may have been done with two fingers and a lot of head scratching compared to the professionally done one of the other Glen Club in the UK but time and again we are told how much easier to read, look at, navigate and find Glen of Imaal things out from our “easy-peasy” site.

2 thoughts on “Yes, but we don’t know what to do..

  1. although I have not had anything to say, I have enjoyed reading the topics on the site!!!
    I would like to see it continue!


  2. Me too!

    Its a great way of keeping in touch with the glen world.

    Count us in for 2009. Already have bigger ideas for cake and ice cream stall!!!

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