Why Not?

How about this for an idea? The EFG will do another Glen of Imaal PRA FUNd Raiser next year but it will be one day only and concentrate mainly on the Companion Show and eye testing. The challenge will be to get the same amount of money but to do that we need you so when should the day be?

This year quite a few gave their apologies because they already had holiday and family plans but we are quite adaptable. When would you like the FUNd day to be? Let us know

4 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Just let us know when and we will be there!

    Perhaps we can get the local radio involved and get them to open it? Might bring a few more people along.

    Roll on next summer

  2. Not during exam time … please! (Our household will be in ‘A’ level mode)!

    The lure coursing was great fun this year … and very popular, judging by the queues to “have a go”! Perhas Theo and Huub can be persuaded to come over again!

    And we also had great fun doing the agility course ……!

    We’d love to come along next year!

  3. Yes it should be after exams and before school holidays, perhaps the end of June/ first weekend July – just alike bit earlier , we need the some good weather again.

    We would like to come along and contribute next year….more rosettes please!

  4. School holidays would suit us better, even better if it could be back to back with Leeds or some other show.
    really big please!!!

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