Getting into the swing of “Public Service Broadcasting”

The Kennel Club Art Gallery Presents: British & Irish Vulnerable Breeds: An Exhibition of Art Portraying our Rarer Breeds of Dog

The Kennel Club Art Gallery is currently planning an exhibition to take place later this year, which will be dedicated to British and Irish vulnerable breeds. Running from 26th August until 14th November 2008 the exhibition will pay tribute to vulnerable breeds by providing visitors with an insight into them and how they have been portrayed in art

Two PSBs in one week; we are so helpful but if asked we will try to oblige. Seriously though if anybody is in London towards the back end of the year it should be worth a look and you will recognise a few things. Not least of which will be the “sister” decanter to the one just auctioned on ebay to raise funds for the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA Fund.

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  1. Great, hope to be there at the end of September and will make a special trip to see it , will report back. Thanks

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