Ironic really…

Months have just been spent organising a FUNd raiser to help pay costs in the fight against the PRA geme in Glen of Imaal Terriers and now the papers are full of a forthcoming television programme that says nobody cares that pedigree dogs have problems. This isn’t supposed to be a political blog but when the loony liberal left get so much in power everywhere we can’t help but comment. If anybody feels they would like to comment on the programme it is on tonight BBC1 at 21.00hrs

Wonder if anybody will point out that the only reasons that there are known problems in pedigree dogs is because the breeders care and report on it? They make an effort to collate and explore problems within their breeds but the mutt brigade, equally unhealthy, don’t care enough to document their ills.

1 thought on “Ironic really…

  1. For anyone who missed the programme, it was titled “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” and was on BBC1 at 9pm on Tuesday 19th August. You can see it for the next week on BBC iPlayer –

    “An in-depth investigation into the health of pedigree dogs. This programme reveals the surprising historical reasons that have contributed to problems in some breeds and explores what might be done to tackle these serious and debilitating health issues. Upsetting scenes.”

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