Down Memory Lane…

It was Birmingham City Championship Show this weekend and no Glen of Imaal Terriers entered. Once upon a time this show was well supported. Bill Brown-Cole who is giving tickets in Glens next year had his first appointment for the breed there. It was something that caused a lot of interest; an ultra professional Wire Fox Terrier man judging rag-tag Glens.

The ringside was well supported that day and many were fellow terriermen of Bills. The comment of “Bill is smiling!” that was made with obvious disbelief from their corner was used for a long time as an illustration of how Glens could be enjoyed.

Giving breed classes meant Glen entries in NSC were killed off and now the awarding of CCs is seemingly killing off entry at non CC shows but is it going even further? Darlington, the next show with Challenge Certificates only has an entry of 10!