So we’re obsessed…

To be British is to talk about the weather but what about all the rain at the moment. Maybe the Chinese anti-rain manouvres for the Olympics caused it to head this way. This is just a reminder to check the forecast when we get nearer the weekend. The journey to Builth Wells is up and down at the best of times and the showground is prone to flood so remember the wellies. Glen of Imaal Terriers never mind showing in the wet but they could be stopped for ‘elf ‘n’ safety like the Otterhounds did at a recent show when they wanted to go outside. Evidently they could have slipped and then sued somebody!!

W.K.C. numbers out.

The entries are published for Welsh Kennel Club and the entries for Glen of Imaal Terriers aren’t very startling with numbers in the low 20s. Welsh is the last but one show with Challenge Certificates so it would have been thought there would be a decent entry. Cesky, the only un-ticketed breed in the Terrier Group, have ten more entries than Glens. Since CCs arrived Glen showing numbers have gone down and down. Is it possible that the bulk of exhibitors were right after all when the said that Challenge Certificates could very well be the end of Glens as they are currently known?


Everybody has their own opinions on Glen of Imaal Terriers but why on earth go online de-crying what one group of people do with them? Whether you have your Glen for showing, working or purely as a companion everybody is part of the same family so it seems really odd to write loads saying how useless one branch is compared to another. Nowt so queer as folk!

Hopefully next week….

The new EFG website is practically finished except for the tweaking and experience says that usually takes the longest. Hope springs eternal though and maybe it will be right the first time and not need too much extra work!

“Nice mention…..”

It’s good to be appreciated so thanks for the comments about the piece in Our Dogs about the PRA FUNd Raiser. Pleased you enjoyed reading it and if you come to next year’s do you could appreciate it first hand.

Why was the obituary for Terry Thorn put into Breed Notes rather than the general tributes? We guess it was put in there because it was very Glen of Imaal Terrier specific. He often would pass the time of day ringside and at one show, quite a few years ago now, spent a happy five minutes after judging had finished discussing how he thought the judge might not quite understand Glens. It was difficult to know what to say to him as he had been there for the entire time Glens were in the ring and the judge had been his wife!