A Fairer View…..

After dog breeders got totally hammered by the BBC the news that ITV was also doing a programme that included “breeding” was met with a gulp. Part 2 of Martin Clunes and his Dogs finished last night and, oh boy, what a difference. The BBC did it as sensationalist pseudo documentary and the ITV did it as “hey, we rather like dogs”. It was no contest and “we like dogs” won hands down. They didn’t forget about diseases in dogs, actually showing an operation, but it was done as Man created dog and sometimes they cock up! More realistic and far truer than a certain campaigning journalist.

The BBC might have released a statement that it is still broadcasting Crufts but on the strength of the Clunes programme ITV would do a lot more favourable job if the Clarges Street powers that be think Horse and Country Cable is a bit to obscure.