It just doesn’t add up…

Last week it became known that the KC had allocated a ruck of extra CCs for Glen of Imaal Terriers. A telephone around to people who were for/against/or fence sitters when the original news of CCs came out led to the discovery that nobody at all knew it was going to happen….it was a just good idea of Clarges Streets.

The reactions from everybody were very different and very similar. One, very for CCs, was thrilled but then it occured to her……not enough judges. An anti CC person was horrified, not enough quality. A fence sitter thought it probably would be nice for some in the breed but didn’t think there were enough showing to make any decent competition. In other words a full set of reservations.

The reason for the largesse? The increased entries of Glen of Imaal Terriers at Shows. However you do your sums that reason just doesn’t add up!