…..it’s looking decent!

Driffield Champ Show and the last one of the season to schedule Glen of Imaal Terriers. They left Doncaster racecourse (and all that beautiful hard standing) a couple of years ago and moved to Wetherby well known as a soggy surface. The tents will have gone up on wet ground but hopefully a few days of non rain will have helped and today the weather looks positively decent!

If you have ever wondered what a showground is like once we all move out this may help, an email from Newby Hall where Darlingtom wallowed last week.    “It’s tempting to put the whole park down to concrete!  Thankfully the Craft Fair (which was supposed to follow the Dog Show on approximately the same site) decided to cancel about a week ago – his stall holders have just had enough this year – we started with a wet Craft Fair in June and it’s just gone from bad to worse. I can imagine that we’re going to get a dry and sunny October as we close for the season on Sunday 28th September.  And what a season it’s been.”