…..oh it’s just the RSPCA….

The post of the 17th got a lot of personal comment; too much to be answered in one session so this week could be a bit heavy on the reading. At Driffield dog show one person said “oh, surely it’s just the RSPCA having a pop so if we keep our heads down it’ll all blow over”. The only words that spring to mind are “HOW INNOCENT”. Turn up the mac collar and pull down the trilby here and it is fully realised that America is a long way west of here but the following are posted just for the record and interest.

PETA has this on their site:- The AKC demands that dogs adhere to strict breed guidelines even when they’ve been proved to cause medical problems, like with pugs’ breathing difficulty. Sound familiar?

PETA has just run a poster campaign:- a large heap of body bags containing dead dogs. Remind anybody of a certain campaign run here?

Wednesday was a black day for dog owners all across America, as animal rights extremists posted legislative victories in Dallas, California and Pennsylvania. Dog owner advocacy groups fought hard in all three contests and had clear majority support, but animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Humane Society of the United States cashed in political chips with elected officials. PETA and HSUS have been infiltrating local and state advisory boards for many years, backed by a war chest exceeding $150 million, hundreds of paid employees and thousands of volunteers. Apathy remains the greatest problem faced by dog ownership advocacy groups. The system may be a bit different here but again does anything sound familiar?

Just the RSPCA eh?