Where were we?

Back to the post of the 17th and how “things” would affect Glen of Imaal Terriers. Mother to son might have been the only mating actually mentioned but the layman’s (and the RSPCA are) concept of inbreeding is what anybody with any knowledge of stock would consider line breeding; the essential way to get type and eradicate faults whether you are breeding dogs, cats, horses or guinea pigs!

There are very obvious Glens of today to use as examples of what wouldn’t be allowed but Glens of today, as yet, are just that; today. There is no knowledge as to their legacy so for that reason the ONLY Glen to use has to be Eversley Patrick. A dog that reached the pinnacle of being known by all Glen followers, owner, exhibitor and judge, by his call name of Berg.

Berg won virtually everything that could be won by a very rare breed back in the late 70s and early 80s. Now it is quite normal for “Rares” to be placed at a very high level but back then it wasn’t and as there were far, far fewer breed classes for all breeds Glens had to fight their way through the huge N.S.C classes and Berg did this regularly and with great success. Berg could show but Berg is what he did for the breed; Berg is his progeny.

Berg though, if the pedigree is studied, was virtually himself. There were few Glens around then and the same names appear again and again in his pedigree. He just balances that fine line between what dog people would term close linebreeding and inbreeding. Current ideas being mooted would not allow him to be. If Berg had never happened neither would Zac, the first Glen to get a Best Puppy in Show. Little Lee, the first Glen to get Best In Show. Tom, the only Glen to get a Junior Warrant. Blue, the first Glen to enter the big ring at Crufts. India would not have led the breed into the States and neither Soldier nor Murphy would have had the title of the most successful Glen brothers ever…because they wouldn’t have existed. Homer wouldn’t have been able to be the first big transatlantic winner and none of the current UK Champions would have happened. Glens of Imaal Terriers as everybody knows them would not have happened because Berg didn’t……and if some thinking goes ahead there will never be another Berg!

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  1. For those who are reading this post with a huge question mark hanging over their heads, please can you explain what you mean by IN breedimg and what you mean by LINEbreeding.
    Thank you!

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