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Happy Halloween!

Halloween and, for many, Bonfire Weekend, on following days so it could be LOUD! It should be meaningful words about dogs and fireworks but do Glen of Imaal Terriers (and their owners) really need them? We seem to be generally pleased with a breed that isn’t bothered overly with fireworks and even the ones that are a bit surprised are generally fine if they can see where the noise is coming from.

Way back in 2001 the Enthusiasts & Fanciers Newsletter had a letter in the Complaints Department from somebody who had taken their Glen to a Millenium Bonfire. The complaint was that the people there had said they shouldn’t have done even though the Glen was happily begging for sausage rolls. Whether you have a social animal like the Glen back in 2000 or a more reserved one that will prefer a quieter evening do have a good weekend.

So far it appears only one of Homer’s titles were forgotten (w.w.08). Sorry Homer.


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Another Honour for Homer

The Irish Kennel Club has announced the list of qualifiers for the Top Irish Showdog 2007/08 finals to be held at the end of January 2009 and number two in Group 3 (Terrier Group) is, for such an occasion the full title is demanded, Glen of Imaal Terrier  CH/GB CH/AM CH ABBERANN CONAN An Ch 06,07 CJW 07 CW 07 08. (Hopefully that includes all the “right” bits). What an occasion for Nick, Ann and Homer. Hopefully there will be photographs

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Now it’s Hills…..

Hills are the latest to announce they are withdrawing from Crufts. It doesn’t take an Einstein to work out that 09 Crufts may be safe but 2010 could well be struggling with the withdrawal of so much sponsorship. Will the show as Joe Public know it (razzamatazz, silly presenters and hundreds of extra stands) come to an end and a show that the exhibitors want rise out of the ashes?

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Are Glen of Imaal Terriers dying younger?

Recently quite a few blogs and internet sites have been saying that the “modern” dog has a lot shorter lifespan than it used to. Glen of Imaal Terriers seem to buck the trend. Recently the passing of two thirteen year olds were mentioned and now a fifteen year old has gone to join the family in the sky. Her sire was nine when he sired the litter that contained her so obviously he was hale and hearty at the time.

Everything (human and animal) is getting more prone to cancer but in the normal course of events it can surely be said that NO, Glen of Imaal Terriers do not seem to be dying younger.

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Crufts Statement: The Kennel Club replies.

Kennel Club Chairman Ronnie Irving has issued a strong statement on behalf of Crufts, the world’s most famous and popular dog show. The statement denies categorically that the future of the show is in any doubt following speculation after one of its sponsors withdrew.
‘Crufts as a show has taken place successfully for over 100 years,’ said Mr Irving ‘ and retains its popularity with dog breeders, visitors and TV viewers alike. Crufts is the biggest dog show in the world with regularly over 22,000 dogs entered. But it is only one of the hundreds of dog shows that take place every year in the UK. There are around 300,000 pedigree dog entries every year at the many large shows around this country. We at Crufts, like at any other event, are always sorry to lose any support but people should be aware that Pedigree as a brand has been changing its approach and its brand position for a number of years. This is evidenced by its change of style in its home country, the USA. It has also been progressively withdrawing from the very popular dog show scene here in the UK for nearly two years now. This latest news comes as no surprise to us.
That said, the 44 year relationship will continue in 2009 as Pedigree will still be having a presence at Crufts and will be working along side us on other projects in the future.
Crufts has many other supporters, hundreds of trade stands and thousands of people who look forward to this national and international celebration of dogs each year. Not only does Crufts cater for the best of pedigree dogs from all over the world, but in more recent years we have encompassed cross bred dogs and all levels of dog ownership and activities. Crufts 2009 will concentrate even more than ever on healthy, happy and well bred dogs. Make no mistake, this country has a very strong tradition for caring dog ownership and leads the way internationally in this sphere. The vast majority of the dogs at Crufts are, and always have been, happy, healthy and of good sound temperament.
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Glen of Imaal Registrations

The third quarter registrations are now available and Glen of Imaal Terriers have 31 registered for this period which makes a total of 76 so far for this year and it is known that there will be more in the last quarter. This year will see the highest number of Glens registered for ten years so maybe the breed will be left alone in the media pre-Crufts frenzy of next year!

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Kennel Club Charitable Trust Support

Recently received:

We will shortly be publishing a collectors map on behalf of The Kennel
Club and are offering large clubs / societies like yourselves the
opportunity to purchase these maps at a trade discount to pass on to
your members. Please be advised that a donation will be made to The
Kennel Club Charitable Trust from every copy sold of the map.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. The direct link is

Thank you for your time.

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