Dog Of The Year

Dogs Today are running their Dog of the Year Competition. below is one of the nominees. If you would like to vote for him drop an email to the following and put DOG OF THE YEAR as the subject.

Paddy, a Glen of Imaal Terrier owned by Ryan Gough from Aberdare, Rhondda
Six-year-old Ryan is autistic. He doesn’t like to interact with other people, and he is reluctant to speak or play. However, when Paddy came along four years ago, there was an instant connection. Within three days, Ryan was calling Paddy’s name and they are now inseparable.
“Now, Ryan will initiate communication with Paddy – which is a big thing with autism,” says mum Gaynor. “The first thing that Ryan does in the morning is call for Paddy – and then he calls Cassie, our other Glen of Imaal, and then the cat. And they all go up into the bedroom to see him!” The only other things that Ryan will ask for are his basic needs, such as a drink or a biscuit.
Ryan will also play with Cassie – something he does with no other child or adult.