Another “Small” Championship Show

The German Kennel Club (VDH) in Dortmund and the Kennel Club in London announce that they will be staging two dog festivals in these countries in 2012.

The first festival will be run in Germany back to back with one of the VDH Dortmund International CACIB shows at the beginning of May. It will be called the ‘German and British Dog Festival Celebrating British Breeds’. It will feature British native breeds. At this festival German CACs and UK CCs will be available for best dog and best bitch in each breed if of adequate merit. All judges will be British and will be nominated and approved by the KC (in consultation with VDH and the German Breed Clubs involved.).

The second festival will be run at the Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd National Dog Show the following weekend and will be called ‘German and British Dog Festival Celebrating German Breeds’. At this show every German Breed will be judged by a German judge selected in consultation with the Birmingham Dog Show Society, the Kennel Club and the VDH. The German Judges will award UK CCs to the German Breeds that are allocated CC status or Best of Sex if not.

Two questions spring to mind
1) Why?
2) If there is to be an extra small Championship Show in 2012 shouldn’t it be a BRITISH BREEDS one and co-incide it with the Olympics?