Happy Halloween!

Halloween and, for many, Bonfire Weekend, on following days so it could be LOUD! It should be meaningful words about dogs and fireworks but do Glen of Imaal Terriers (and their owners) really need them? We seem to be generally pleased with a breed that isn’t bothered overly with fireworks and even the ones that are a bit surprised are generally fine if they can see where the noise is coming from.

Way back in 2001 the Enthusiasts & Fanciers Newsletter had a letter in the Complaints Department from somebody who had taken their Glen to a Millenium Bonfire. The complaint was that the people there had said they shouldn’t have done even though the Glen was happily begging for sausage rolls. Whether you have a social animal like the Glen back in 2000 or a more reserved one that will prefer a quieter evening do have a good weekend.

So far it appears only one of Homer’s titles were forgotten (w.w.08). Sorry Homer.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Scarlett is terrified of fireworks. In Luton they have been going off every night since early September. If she sees or hears them when we are out she goes nuts and grabs her lead and drags us home! Its about time they were banned for home displays, too mant accidents happen and they are too damm loud! Bah humbug!!!!

  2. Hi Nicki

    Both Molly and Fergus love to out the back and watch the fireworks, Ceilidh hates them and hides where ever she can!!!

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