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Two of the most popular questions regarding Glen of Imaal Terriers are about their late maturing and, as the Americans call it, prey drive. The concept of a breed not being really mature until it is five and often not at its best until seven has always been difficult for some people to grasp. Also many people now want their animals to be politically correct and not follow instinct at all…….like will Glens live with house rabbits? They are always surprised to be told the Glen will live with the rabbit until they decide not to because expert so and so has told them they can be trained.

A veteran Glen is currently driving their owner demented because whatever they do the Glen is managing to escape. The local rabbit population has myxomatosis and the Glen has discovered it can catch rabbits. It is obsessed. It has dug out, climbed over and chewed through. It may be over seven years old but it has a new mission in life and nothing will stand in its way for long.

Glen of Imaal Terriers certainly still have a very high prey drive once awoken and Veteran is the two year old of other breeds.