Will any of these reviews actually agree with each other?

Another review is announced:

The Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare is forming a working group on the welfare of pedigree dogs following the controversial BBC documentary shown in August ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed.’ The documentary highlighted the serious issues arising from genetic diseases owing to decades of inbreeding which has affected show dogs and domestic pets.

Eric Martlew MP, Chairman of APGAW stated;

“I’m delighted that the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare has decided to respond positively to the issues raised by the documentary and welfare organisations. It is extremely important that we establish what health and welfare implications there are on pedigree dogs bred to certain set standards and then have informed and considered recommendations in place to ensure their future welfare which can be presented in a report to the Secretary of State.

I’m really pleased that this working group is supported by all the APGAW officers, who are cross-party politicians and will have the opportunity to bring their views to the table. I hope that anyone with an interest in this issue will get in contact with the Working Group so that we can hear from as wide a cross-section of society as possible.”

Written submissions should be sent to: Pedigree Dogs Working Group, APGAW, C/o Eric Martlew MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. For further information please contact Marisa Heath, group co-ordinator on admin@apgaw.org or 07736 899547