How many now?

Another Group One for Homer, surely it must be Int. Ch. Homer by now. There might only have been him and his sister entered in the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier classes at Bull Breeds but it didn’t matter………the group judge saw his quality and pointed the number one finger. An A1 result!!

2 thoughts on “How many now?

  1. I needed to look up (FCI) Int Ch for something in the newsletter … (?!) …


    A. Breeds not subject to working trials

    To be eligible for the title of International Beauty Champion, these dogs must have obtained :

    a) in three different countries, under three different judges, four Certificats d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté (CACIB) no matter the number of dogs;

    b) between the first and last CACIB, a minimum period of one year and one day must have elapsed. This period is to be understood as follows : for example, from January 1st, 1996 to January 1st, 1997.

    For a) and b), exceptions may be granted provided they are approved by the FCI General Committee.”

  2. Further to our discussion, Liz …

    “Exhibitors should be aware that claims for an International title for UK based dogs should be made via the Kennel Club and that a British Champion or Show Champion title is required. For breeds which do not have Challenge Certificate status, there are other requirements which will need to be met before the claim can be put to the FCI. ”



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