Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all Glen of Imaal Terrier owners and admirers. It’s Christmas so as we will all be so busy walking the dogs there will be no new blogs until January 1st 2009.

For all the people who asked about Maggie: the wheels have swung into motion. The shelter has been contacted and Maggie is safe until the New Year. Somebody is going to see her and hopefully a home has already been found. Appreciation to the efforts of the American fraternity!

Oh yes and for anybody still without their tree up have a look at this and even if you have do still take a look!

They HAVE been posted!

The EFG newsletters have been posted. With some areas having postal strikes and the Christmas deliveries being in full force your newsletter may not arrive as fast as usual but let us know if you haven’t had it by the week beginning the 29th.

Do we have another “and tan” Glen of Imaal Terrier? glen of imaalIt was sent by somebody who saw it on another blog (it’ll be credited as soon as the details arrive) and it was taken by somebody who had never seen the bred before but thought them “really cute”. Is it the light or is there another in the community with that fabulous colour? If anybody can recognise it do send word along!

TOMORROW at the latest!

Thank you to the people who have been in touch with Jean after the December 8th and the Kennel Club Glen of Imaal Terrier health plan. Everything has to be back with the KC by December 30th so needs to be on its way by Christmas Eve AT THE LATEST. It is appreciated that the weekend before Christmas is busy, busy, busy but if you have been meaning to write and not got around to doing so tomorrow is your last chance!!

Last for 2009

Scottish Kennel Club have confirmed the May 2009 judge of Glen of Imaal Terriers; it is to be Jeff Luscott. It isn’t much of a secret that SKC did have a few problems with the original choice of judge but appointing one that only officiated in April 2008????  The reason SKC gave was shortage of available judges so hopefully the Glen Association will bear this in mind and move some VERY qualified people up from the B list!

SKC also give notice that there will be NO Glen of Imaal Terrier classes at their August 2009 show.

Suddenly it’s Spring!

Christmas hasn’t quite arrived yet but suddenly it is April: National Terrier schedules are out. 12 classes Glen of Imaal Terriers will be judged by Bryn Cadogan and the entry per dog is £19.00. Closing date is the 27th February.

As it has come out before Christmas DO remember, in six weeks time, where you have put it in the great Xmas tidy up!