Health plan month.

December is the month that the Kennel Club have asked for specific breed health plans to be formed. Obviously PRA must be included in a Glen of Imaal Terrier one but what else and how far should it go? The bulk of Glen people know that some of the breed aren’t good with cat fleas but don’t seem to notice other sorts. Is it a health matter or just one of those things?

There have just been a couple of Glens die with cancer. Notice how that is worded; they died WITH cancer. They were of a senior age so was anno domini the cause of death rather than the actual disease? Glens are achondraplasic so like all breeds of that type their structure is slightly different i.e. the hip formation is not quite the norm but they don’t SUFFER with HD. Hopefully anybody who contemplates a Glen will have discovered this out via research or conversation with breeders but does it have to be mentioned in case somebody doesn’t realise?

Some Glen bitches aren’t easy to get into whelp but is it infertility? Glens are a matriachial breed (women rule) and it always used to be accepted that lead bitches would often never reproduce because they would not “submit” to the rigours of whelps as it would compromise their position. Many Glen bitches are heavily into the idea of sex “I’ve been in season for 48 hours so let’s practice” and she will still be doing that three weeks later. Unless you are personally very experienced or visiting an equally experienced dog bitches of that inclination are very difficult to get mated at the right time.

It will be interesting to see what the Kennel Club come up with!