That’s not a health matter!

Yesterday and “what exactly is health?” got responses; mainly on the ability of the blog to get something writtem and NOBODY would ever consider fleas and the Glen of Imaal Terrier enthusiasm for sex a health matter. Thing is though the Kennel Club has told everybody that they will have “health plans” by Crufts at the very latest and now are frantically grasping at any straw to deliver like yesterday. The only thing the KC have to hand is the Health Survey they did waaaay back in 2004.

Glen people, compared to many other breeds, were quite good with sending the forms back and we filled them in. Our willingness to talk about “problems” (notice again the wording) were changed by the AHT to “health issues”. So IF the KC does decide to use that survey the biggest problem listed with Glens was “immune mediated” and that includes mite and flea allergy. The next biggest problem is “reproductive” in a breed that will play sex for ever and a day and is quite happy to have double figure litters. Glens also have “gastrointestinal problems” listed. Look what it is though and it is foreign body obstruction…the flippin’ animal ate something. We all did as we usually do and listed things that went on with our Glens and it could now come back to mock us if the Survey is used rather than talking to owners.

This is why we must all keep our ears and eyes open as to what the Kennel Club may be doing and if we have any doubt with what they decide they must be told or else our healthy breed (the majority in the Survey reported “no problems”) will suddenly become a breed with health problems…..and if people think there is a health concern they will certainly find it.