Why not?

Are people talking? Three different things suggested in the last 24 hours that could “maybe go on the blog”. The blog obviously works best with input, the more the merrier, so send things along and a stab will be taken at including it. Remember though this is primarily a Glen of Imaal Terrier blog and then a dog one so that is how priorities will work.

The recent case of the seemingly abandoned St Bernards is totally horrifying but any dog person who is honest to themselves can see all to well how such a situation could develop. A few dogs, a few more dogs and a few more puppies. Buying somewhere bigger and maybe boarding will pay the bills. Whilst the space is there let’s put a few more in. More dogs means less room for boarders so less money coming in. Human nature being what it is it can “block out” when things are going wrong. You aren’t a nasty person you just don’t see that they aren’t excercised enough-the coats are a mess-their condition isn’t what it should be- you just do your best. Then one day something happens……..

It doesn’t matter what breed you are in and whether you have 10, 50 or a 100 dogs suddenly things can get too much and you just haven’t a clue what to do about it. The current unrest with pedigree dogs and the credit crunch means so many puppies (in all breeds) just aren’t selling and if you have had a litter “to pay a few bills….” If you have Glen of Imaals, or know of somebody with Glens, who is having a problem do consider giving Glen Services a call. They have a 100% track record and are always available to help, like they have been doing for nearly 30 years. There is also a Breeders’ Helpline run by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and that can be contacted via a telephone number 0845 30 30 180