Over to YOU…Pt 2

A comment on Over to YOU blog deserves its own entry because it is easy to miss a comment reply on the bottom of a blog as long as the one of yesterday

Question asked: Do you want us to comment on what we think should be in the Glen of Imaal Terrier Health Plan … or do you want us to comment on what has actually been included (or not) in the Kennel Club’s draft plan?

The draft plan is basically just a discussion document. The KC listed what the 04 survey revealed and asked people to comment on its findings four years down the line. 04 had allergies as the most important thing, what do people think is the situation now? What the Kennel Club receive back will shape the Health Plan for Glen of Imaal Terriers AT THIS TIME. Health plans though are now intended to be an ongoing work so basically anything wrong in future years will be reported to a health co-ordinator so it can hopefully be seen if anything is developing in a breed. So Jean or Don need to know what you think affects the breed most at the moment; a good example is the PRA and more occuring instances of cancer mentioned yesterday.

Newsletters are a good idea but an impossibility this near to Christmas and the KC wanting everything back before the New Year.