Eyes go west….

This weekend any Glen of Imaal Terrier people who are interested in exhibiting may be thinking “westerly thoughts” as the big Eukanuba Invitational Show and accompanying circuit happen in California. EFG people never miss a good bash so we have somebody normally UK based there to report on it first hand as well as the US people.

An interesting thing has already happened though. The US Glen standard used to say that “imported” tailed Glens should not be penalised and this was changed to full tails not to be penalised when the breed got full recognition in 2004. A judge at a show yesterday excused a US bred Glen for having a full tail and his reason for doing so was that as it wasn’t imported it was wrong. All exhibitors there told the judge he was wrong but he would have none of it and the dog was excused. Somehow or other the judge did not have an updated standard and he stood by what he had.

The KC have just changed the standard here, the change is slight and doesn’t come into affect until next year, but the above indicates that folk will have to be vigilant with the reading of critiques if anybody thinks their adult Glens are being penalised for something that was “fine” before 2009. Well we still have judges that would swear on the bible that the Glen of Imaal standard says “eyes- dark brown” when no shade at all is mentioned!