One thing (temporarily) sorted but what about…

We all want to support the Kennel Club. We all know they have the best interests at heart but sometimes they really don’t seem to be able to see beyond the end of their noses and this possible overhaul to dog law seriously illustrates that failing.

It is an ITV report and could be wrongly written but the Kennel Club site seems to say the same. A couple of things spring to mind instantly. Surely if you are being attacked in your own home you would hope your dog would do something about it? Many dogs that fight (all breeds) have dammed stupid owners that can’t control them and have no concept of pack law or discipline. Often the rehoming of these dogs with people who understand that a canine isn’t a cuddly toy will totally change their (dog)life around.

Stop shouting at the back “it doesn’t mean that sort of fighting at all” and it probably doesn’t but does it say so? No it doesn’t but as that piece of possibly law amendment is written……….