One thing (temporarily) sorted but what about…

We all want to support the Kennel Club. We all know they have the best interests at heart but sometimes they really don’t seem to be able to see beyond the end of their noses and this possible overhaul to dog law seriously illustrates that failing.

It is an ITV report and could be wrongly written but the Kennel Club site seems to say the same. A couple of things spring to mind instantly. Surely if you are being attacked in your own home you would hope your dog would do something about it? Many dogs that fight (all breeds) have dammed stupid owners that can’t control them and have no concept of pack law or discipline. Often the rehoming of these dogs with people who understand that a canine isn’t a cuddly toy will totally change their (dog)life around.

Stop shouting at the back “it doesn’t mean that sort of fighting at all” and it probably doesn’t but does it say so? No it doesn’t but as that piece of possibly law amendment is written……….

Animal Planet, ITV or Horse & Country?

Well was it the BBC that said “bye-bye” or the Kennel Club that said “push off”? It’ll never really be known because each side will run their version of the story to suit their own supporters but what an opportunity for the Kennel Club and if it was them; good on ya.

No more having to schedule the timings of Crufts to fit around the BBC. No more having to have silly presenters that obviously have little interest, if any at all. If it goes to Horse and Country there won’t even be the aggrevation of having to gear things for the American market. Nice words have been said by some of the heirachy about what Horse and Country did with Discover Dogs so is that an indicator where the Clarges Street affections may lie?  We know where ours lie….with a member of the family. Yes, a Horse and Country producer was a Glen of Imaal Terrier owner but then again the recent ITV programme on dogs showed that Martin Clunes seemed to “get” the point.

Eyes go west….

This weekend any Glen of Imaal Terrier people who are interested in exhibiting may be thinking “westerly thoughts” as the big Eukanuba Invitational Show and accompanying circuit happen in California. EFG people never miss a good bash so we have somebody normally UK based there to report on it first hand as well as the US people.

An interesting thing has already happened though. The US Glen standard used to say that “imported” tailed Glens should not be penalised and this was changed to full tails not to be penalised when the breed got full recognition in 2004. A judge at a show yesterday excused a US bred Glen for having a full tail and his reason for doing so was that as it wasn’t imported it was wrong. All exhibitors there told the judge he was wrong but he would have none of it and the dog was excused. Somehow or other the judge did not have an updated standard and he stood by what he had.

The KC have just changed the standard here, the change is slight and doesn’t come into affect until next year, but the above indicates that folk will have to be vigilant with the reading of critiques if anybody thinks their adult Glens are being penalised for something that was “fine” before 2009. Well we still have judges that would swear on the bible that the Glen of Imaal standard says “eyes- dark brown” when no shade at all is mentioned!

Just one to go now….

The breed has been waiting months for the full list of judges of Glen of Imaal Terriers at 2009 Championship Shows with Darlington and SKC (May) seemingly unable to find anybody considered suitable but Darlington have now declared: Tom Johnston will be officiating in the ring next September. Surely SKC must find somebody soon!

Over to YOU…Pt 2

A comment on Over to YOU blog deserves its own entry because it is easy to miss a comment reply on the bottom of a blog as long as the one of yesterday

Question asked: Do you want us to comment on what we think should be in the Glen of Imaal Terrier Health Plan … or do you want us to comment on what has actually been included (or not) in the Kennel Club’s draft plan?

The draft plan is basically just a discussion document. The KC listed what the 04 survey revealed and asked people to comment on its findings four years down the line. 04 had allergies as the most important thing, what do people think is the situation now? What the Kennel Club receive back will shape the Health Plan for Glen of Imaal Terriers AT THIS TIME. Health plans though are now intended to be an ongoing work so basically anything wrong in future years will be reported to a health co-ordinator so it can hopefully be seen if anything is developing in a breed. So Jean or Don need to know what you think affects the breed most at the moment; a good example is the PRA and more occuring instances of cancer mentioned yesterday.

Newsletters are a good idea but an impossibility this near to Christmas and the KC wanting everything back before the New Year.

Over to YOU

The breed standard change and provisional health plan for Glen of Imaal Terriers is now with the Association and the EFG and one thing has instantly been agreed; it is a BREED thing. To enable this, and because Glen people are, in the main, well technologied, the decision has been made to give the Kennel Club feedback from as many of the breed as possible rather than just a few committee members. This will mean a long blog on here and a giant post on the Association forum but it is felt that the breed people are the ones best placed to comment so should be given the chance. Please read the following paragraphs carefully and thoughts/feedback should be sent to either Jean or Don by the 17th December at the very latest. This is because the KC wants everything to be sorted and back with them by the 30th December


All standards will include the following introductory paragraph from January 2009:


A Breed Standard is the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function. Absolute soundness is essential. Breeders and judges should at all times be careful to avoid obvious conditions or exaggerations which would be detrimental in any way to the health, welfare or soundness of this breed. From time to time certain conditions or exaggerations may be considered to have the potential to affect dogs in some breeds adversely, and judges and breeders are requested to refer to the Kennel Club website for details of any such current issues. If a feature or quality is desirable it should only be present in the right measure.


The only change proposed to the actual standard is

Forequarters Shoulders broad, muscular and well laid back. Forelegs short, well boned and slightly bowed. (The amendment is underlined)


Health Information


From the Kennel Club:

In our previous correspondence it was suggested that Breed Clubs which did not yet have a breed health committee or representative, should give urgent consideration to ensuring that one or other of these was in place.


The Kennel Club has subsequently decided that this should be mandatory for all Breed Clubs. It is therefore requested that all Breed Clubs nominate a single lead health coordinator for the club and inform us accordingly by return of the form enclosed. This should be done by Tuesday 30th December 2008.


Where there is more than one Breed Club in a breed, the Kennel Club requests that Breed Clubs and Councils liaise to select one single health coordinator to represent the breed as a whole.  This agreement should occur by 31st March 2009.


It is vital that this surveillance concept be accepted by the clubs’ memberships, if we are to ensure that the reporting of newly diagnosed conditions in dogs becomes the norm.  That way each breed will have immediate access to its current health status and will be able to act accordingly and in a responsible manner. One of the important functions of the health group will be to collate and record this health information. Of course, some breeds will already have such health surveillance covered by existing health groups.


For its part the KC is currently working to establish new systems that will eventually allow individual health groups to feed their data into a central resource that will be able to monitor health across all breeds. This will most easily be achieved by annual or bi-annual health reports from individual breed health groups, presenting the health statistics that have been collected since their previous report. 


In the shorter term, the KC will establish an electronic communications group of all of the nominated breed health coordinators/monitors.  Ultimately, once the system is running efficiently, regular meetings (possibly every two years) will be organised for all health coordinators to discuss health trends, to which specialists in some of the identified conditions will be invited to contribute to the discussion.


Such a system of surveillance will also enable more immediate consultation between the KC, specialists and breed clubs if/when a newly emerging condition is discovered within a breed or breeds.  Better real time breed health surveillance will greatly improve our ability to react to newly emerging problems and focus the efforts of the KC, the breed clubs and veterinary and scientific specialists to addressing the issues and dealing with them to minimise their impact on the breed.


ALSO the Kennel Club has sent out details of what the AHT/KC Survey of 2004 discovered and asked for discussion regarding its findings. The 2004 survey found that “immune mediated conditions” (allergies) was the biggest problem in Glen of Imaal Terriers and they want to know if this is still so and what else we, the breed, also consider a problem (if anything). THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE NEEDED. Not for one second are allergies being decried and it is known what an aggravation and expense it can be but subsequent to that survey some people said they had filled in allergies as a problem which is what they were at the time but then things changed (like the cat died) and there were no more problems. This is what Jean or Don need to know; is allergy the biggest risk still in a Glen of Imaal Terrier’s life or are there other conditions that have come to the fore?

Glens are on Schedule A for PRA (they weren’t at the time of the Survey) so obviously PRA is an acknowledged condition now and should be mentioned in any health plan. What about cancer? It is acknowledged that everything now has more instances of cancer but do Glens seem prone and if so is there any particular sort? Speak to Jean or Don and let them know what you think and don’t forget to tell them of anything you have encountered with your particular Glen.

Before sighing that we are all doomed one thing has to be reported. Back in 2004 the biggest cause of death in a Glen of Imaal was old age and whilst this was being placed on the blog a call came in from somebody looking for a replacement Glen. Their last Glen recently died in her sleep at fifteen years old!

Two New Champions!

Jeonty WannaBe BusterThe Glen Championship Show, judged by a very dapper Allan Stephenson, saw two new Champions crowned. Best Dog and Best In Show went to, as they are new Champions full titles are in order, NL & Bel Champion Jeonty WannaBe Buster(Am Ch Malsville Soldier Blue/Jeonty Let Loose) and his sister Jeonty Hasaceilidh for Karensbrae was Best Opposite.

Jeonty Hasaceilidh at Karensbrae

 Reserve Dog and Reserve Best In Show went to Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad (who is sired by a brother of the two new Champions)

Brockland Brayhead Lad

and Reserve Bitch was Abberann Enya making the journey over from Ireland.
For once there were puppies in the puppy classes and Best Puppy went to the Puppy Bitch, Donvaleset Brier.

Donvalester Brier

The photographer reports the two bitches, Ceilidh and Brier, were “proper women” and posed instantly they realised their best sides were required. The dogs were just a bit bored!

Glen of Imaal Championship Show

The Glen Championship Show at Grenoside, Sheffield tomorrow has an entry of 49 for judge Allan Stephenson. There is eye testing in the morning so anybody signed up do remember to take the Kennel Club registration documents of the animal to be tested!
There will be Glen things to buy, which will maybe help a few Christmas present ideas, but more importantly there will be “PRA slogan” articles for sale. Glen of Imaal Terriers-Beating PRA Together is the fighting call of the PRA campaign in Europe. ALL monies from the sale of these items will go to to Bochum Fund that is investigating the identification of the rogue gene in Glens that causes the blindness.
The weather front for Sheffield is promising; cold but sunny and the only reported major roadworks in the area are on the M1(travelling North) just South of Sheffield.

Kennel Club issue “Breed Health Plans”

The kennel Club have released their breed health plans to all breed clubs and they have also reviewed (changed) all breed standards, some to a lesser degree than others and some not at all. Hopefully the forthcoming Glen of Imaal Championship Show will be used to get the feedback of all Glen owners as to what they think of any amendments.