“Of The Year”

The “Of  The Year” results are always of interest. Top Glen of Imaal Terrier in the UK (and Ireland) was Homer. Int Ch Abberann Conan has won Groups in Ireland,travelled abroad and won and also picked up three more “tickets” in the UK. Best Bitch was Ceilidh. Ch Jeonty Hasaceilidh for Karensbrae ScM started and completed her Championship this year and also was awarded her Gold Good Citizens.

Homer lives in Ireland and Ceilidh in Scotland. The Top Stud is Irish based and the Reserve Top Stud is in Missouri, USA. Who says that Glens are localised? Donvaleset Black Velvet (Buster) was bred in the Uk but packed his suitcase at a young age. He has had four CC winning progeny this year. Three from the same litter, Conan, Enya and Eilish and Flynn makes the fourth. Am Ch Malsville Soldier Blue(Spike) has had three offspring obtain CCs this year and three Champions declared but number one spot must go to Buster on one more progeny.

Top Brood is a head scratcher and you can decide whether it is a dead heat. Jeonty Let Loose (Gabby)and Ir Ch Abberann Diva (Diva)have both had three progeny win Challenge Certificates this year. All three of Gabby’s kids have been made up but Diva’s lad is number one Glen. Which is more important????

Top breeder though is easy. Three made up in one year from one litter will be a record that will probably stand for a while. Top breeder for 2008 is Jean Rogers with Chs Jeonty WannaBe Buster, J Rock On Tommy and J Hasaceilidh at Karensbrae.