You can’t walk but you could maybe donate….

Dear Glen of Imaal Terrier Friends,

I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and have been fighting a
battle against this disease since my early teens. My grandfather,
Victor Henschel, suffered mightily from these diseases for most of
his adult life. Most of you will never know how much it has affected
my family. Most importantly, I feel that I am in race against time to
ensure that my children and others like them are not affected by this

Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are painful, hereditary, genetic,
immune mediated diseases that affect approximately 9 million in the
U.S. alone. Not surprisingly, most everyone knows someone who
suffers from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, but more than likely
don’t know it. Most people with psoriasis choose to suffer in
silence. My family created the Psoriasis Walk for Awareness to
change the way people perceive the disease and to create funding for
significant research. During the past two Walks for Awareness we
raised over $500,000, with almost two thousand walkers in attendance
and generating national attention to our cause.
My family has committed to raise $1 million dollars in honor of my
grandfather’s life and to create the National Psoriasis Victor
Henschel BioBank. This Biobank will be the largest single collection
of psoriasis DNA samples in the world accessible for research.
Scientists throughout the world will be able to request blood samples
from the BioBank to use in their research to identify the genes that
cause psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. This BioBank collection will
be used to evaluate individuals’ disease over time in a way no other
collection has done to date and represents an unprecedented
opportunity to find a cure for these diseases.
SO WHAT DO I NEED FROM YOU? The Third Annual Psoriasis Walk for
Awareness is set for Sunday morning January 18, 2009, in Aventura,
Florida. I need your attendance at the walk and most of all I need
you to reach deep down to help us raise the money to find a cure.
You can register, make donations on line, or just sponsor our team,
Henschels Victors at
fr_id=1270&pg=entry or by sending a check (indicate on the check
that it is for the Walk for Awareness) to:

National Psoriasis Foundation
C/O Henschel
20001 NE 21st Ct.
Miami, Florida 33179

Please join and give with your heart,

Andy and Nancy, the girls, and Riley and Lily