North East Seminar

An interesting mixed seminar up in Northumberland on the 31st january being put on by the Kennel Club and Croft Veterinary Hospital. The session on DNA testing in breeding programmes could be very useful in light of recent publicity. Full details can be found here

Why should you go all that way? Jeff Sampson is a decent speaker the talk on bones and joints could be handy for the file with Glen of Imaal Terriers being achondraplasic and, if nothing else, get the lunch menu. This is the way seminars should go!!

Main  Courses

Rump Steak 7oz rump steak , served with chips and your choice of either  mixed salad or half a grilled tomato and a flat mushroom

Gammon Steak & Pineapple  6oz gammon steak, chargrilled for a fuller flavour with chips and mixed salad
Fish & Chips hand battered haddock with chips, peas and tartare sauce
Smoked Paprika Chickena marinated, tender breast, with chips and mixed salad. If you prefer a plain chicken breast, let us know.
Ratatouille Linguine
topped with cheese shavings
Beef Burger 
6oz burger made from 100% beef, ground and blended with a light seasoning for a succulent flavour. Served with chips, mixed salad and your choice of topping:
cheese and bacon, or flat mushroom with black and blue sauce
Sausages & Mash with peas, gravy and caramelised onion relish

Mediterranean Tomato Risotto creamy tomato risotto flavoured with white wine and Mediterranean vegetables, topped with cheese shavings

Beefeater House Salad with Chargrilled Chicken a classic, lightly dressed with French vinaigrette

Top with either a chargrilled chicken breast, salmon fillet or skewered prawns

 Quesadilla Wrap filled with Brie, spinach and caramelised onion relish, with white & wild rice and a mandarin and chilli glaze.

The Desserts are equally as good; why not apply for more information!