New website launched…..

For anybody who reads this blog via the EFG website this is old news but for all the people who bookmark and come in direct……The Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens has a new website. Have a look here

It has been done because of new Kennel Club directives and what has been “fed back” since the previous one went up last summer. There are still odd tweaks to do but overall things aren’t bad at all. It was the word from the KC that led to the downloadable forms and the Code of Best Practice being on the website and linked from the front page. Yes, CofBP not Code of Ethics. Legal advice was taken and a Code of Ethics is just not enforceable in law so why have something that means absolutely nothing? Glen of Imaal Terrier people have always done things differently so the EFG has something that is (hopefully) useable and be followed by everybody; an illustration of Best Practice for both the health of the breed and responsibility of breeders and owners. It took nearly two years of debate and discussion to arrive at and we are proud to place it there. Some may want to go further than the C of BP, good on them, we believe though that what is written within it should be attainable by all.

The EFG/PRA Fundraising page shows a few pictures of what went on in July last year. Hopefully the pictures from July THIS YEAR will have you in them!