How do the Kennel Club do it?  They are really good at making people go “huh?”. The tailed Glen that was used to illustrate the breed standard made eyebrows rocket to the moon. It was neither a good tail nor desired carriage. The Glen of Imaal Terrier standard is now using illustrations rather than photographs but if anything it is a lot worse.

Obviously the KC do know what the desired carriage is as they have a docked “illustration” with a fabulous tailset. They have then got the illustrator to stick a full tail on the same animal and it looks truly ridiculous! Couldn’t they have actually asked somebody? Talking of asking, there is the usual statement of unauthorised reproduction of images prohibited but this one might be reproducible. The person who took the photograph certainly wasn’t aware that the Kennel Club were using it for illustration so most definately didn’t give permission for it to be bastardised with a tail!