Breed standard illustrations…again

Both Glen of Imaal Terrier Clubs sent a joint communication to the Kennel Club to register their dismay at the full tail illustration used in the breed standard. Many breeds have followed suit and the Kennel Club have said the change was due to “copyright issues” but should they use animals that are, if anything, prime examples of what NOT to judge to? The illustrations don’t exactly appear to have been cheap either this is from the artist’s website

“You know that your breed and it’s long term future would benefit from professionally drawn images to enhance your written standard.

Here is a price guide, which is a small price to pay for the long term serious problems, avoidance and prevention of different ‘types’ developing within your breed due to lack of uniformity and misinterpretation of words, if it hasn’t happened already. 

48 images – 2,500.oo UK Sterling. 24 images – 1,250.00 UK Sterling”

There is a whisper around though that the KC have already said they will be removing the images!

4 thoughts on “Breed standard illustrations…again

  1. >>Both Glen of Imaal Terrier Clubs sent a joint communication to the Kennel Club to register their dismay at the full tail illustration used in the breed standard<<

    Hello Liz

    Has the communication from the breed clubs been simply to voice “dismay” at the tail that’s been stuck on the end of a docked Glen … or have the breed club representatives also suggested HOW a full tail should look? If so, please could you advise what suggestions have been made on our behalf.



  2. You already have this information for the newsletter!
    What was wrong with the illustration was listed and for any further verification/information the KC were asked to contact the two breed club secretaries.

  3. Listing what is “wrong” – “wrong” tail, “wrong” carriage and “wrong” set on – is a criticism of the illustration, not a suggestion of what a full tail should actually look like, which I feel is what is important for EFG members and GOITA members alike to discuss and come to some agreement on.

    In addition to “Strong at root, well set on and carried gaily”, the UK breed standard states for an undocked tail “In overall balance with rest of the dog” and the FCI (Ireland and Europe) states “A natural tail (undocked) is allowed for in countries where docking is banned by law”.

    The Glen breed standards, as they are, simply do not describe a full tail. The breed standard is supposed to be a “blue-print” to which breeders strive to produce … but what are they breeding for with full tails? Our (UK) standard is extremely vague, compared with some of the other terrier breeds:

    WFT: Set on rather high and carried gaily but not over back. As straight as possible. Tail of moderate length to give balance to the dog.

    SCWT: Set on high, carried gaily but never over back, not curled and not too thick. Tip may curve forward in a gentle arc. Length in overall balance with the rest of dog.

    Australian Terrier: Set high and carried upright as straight as possible, giving good overall balance.
    But look at the KC illustration for the undocked dog!

    I sincerely hope that, when the KC’s Breed Standard illustration of a full tailed Glen is replaced, it will be with something that shows a full tail that Glen breeders want to breed for and Glen exhibitors would like to see in the show ring … and, for those who show and work their Glens, whether they are in agreement!


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