Two weeks on…..

Two weeks on and we are back! Would we have been missed? Would anybody have thought to send along things of interest or would it have been out of sight and out of mind? Glen of Imaal Terrier people haven’t been the only ones to pass along snippets for general consumption so muchas gracias and lets see what can be run with before the Crufts gossip really gets going. (Already some newspapers are sharpening the knives and, surprise, surprise, certain people are again involved. You have to admire her publicity machine if nothing else!)

By the way your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The blog does look different. After a year a slightly new layout and colour and it is a new photograph. Actually it is a very old one. At the end of 08 information was asked for about that picture and the comment was made, by somebody new to Glens, how nice it was to see “old Glens ” from the back of pedigrees.

3 thoughts on “Two weeks on…..

  1. I missed you, its usually my teabreak treat to see whats going on!

    Am so looking forward to seeing everyone on the 5th and catching up on the gossip!


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