Crufts streams….and we tweet!

Crufts will have a live webstream this year so everybody world wide, with access to the internet, will be able to see what is going on.

  • The TV live webcast will be available from 8.30 on Thursday 5th March at and will be free for all viewers, anywhere in the world.
  • From 8.30 on Friday 6th March Crufts fans will be able to subscribe to the Crufts TV Catch Up Video on Demand service. This will be accessible from the Crufts TV section of the official Crufts website and allow viewers to watch replays and extracts from the previous day’s events.
  • The Video on Demand clips will follow the event structure of the Arena day and each event within the day’s programme will be broken into approximately 3 clips of 10 minutes each, for optimum user viewing experience.
  • The catch up TV ticket pricing will be £1.99 per day and £9.99 for a complete ‘access all areas’ ticket until the service is closed at the end of March.
Crufts moves more into the 21st Century and so do we; the EFG is now on Twitter. We were the first Glen of Imaal Terrier group to have a blog and now the first to “tweet”. (That is what it is called when writing on Twitter. ) Facebook had been suggested but our Finnish sister EFG (Finland) is already on there, the first Glen Club to appear so they, like us, obviously lead, and also there is a strong Glen group so it is to be Twitter for us. We are there as glenofimaal so do say hello!

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