Not quite West Hollywood…

The Kennel Club and Sunset & Vine: Upscale apartments and designer shopping. An outstanding view from the roof. Sunset Boulevard…..or a television production company?

Of course the Kennel Club aren’t moving to the fabled West Coast of California but the television company isn’t a let down. Indeed Sunset and Vine, the new company to televise Crufts, is quite possibly one of the best things they could have done. The BBC has increasingly lost its focus in so many ways and is fast, in some areas, becoming virtually paralysed with political correctness. It didn’t know how to deal with Crufts (a great example being the silly boys & girls they insist should co-present) so really will be no loss. Sunset & Vine though know exactly what they do; they do sport and what else is our hobby? The US of A have acknowledged that for a long time with Westminster results appearing in the Sports pages so maybe, finally, the KC are getting something right. The following is from the website and who knows, maybe in a year or two Sunset & Vine might sell Crufts back to the BBC!

Sunset+Vine is the leading independent supplier of sports programming to broadcasters in the UK and a world leader in sports production and International Advertiser Supplied programming. The company produces over 2000 hours of sports television every year.

  • International cricket coverage for Channel 4 from 1999 – 2005 (winning over 23 broadcast awards including two Baftas).
  • BBC’s Horseracing output, which from 2006 includes the Derby and Royal Ascot.
  • The Tour de France for ITV.
  • The Volvo Ocean Race 05/06 for international distribution.
  • UEFA Cup and International Football for five.
  • Through the night programming six days a week for five including Major League Baseball, NFL, NHL and NBA live from the USA. Badminton for Sky and the BBC including the All England Championships.
  • Football, Rugby, Bowls, Cricket and Curling for BBC Scotland.
  • The European Poker Tour for Eurosport and Poker for Challenge TV

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  1. what channel will it end up on then???

    At least we can see the show on the web this year and will be free of some of the mad BBC presenters!

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