Breed standard illustrations…again

Both Glen of Imaal Terrier Clubs sent a joint communication to the Kennel Club to register their dismay at the full tail illustration used in the breed standard. Many breeds have followed suit and the Kennel Club have said the change was due to “copyright issues” but should they use animals that are, if anything, prime examples of what NOT to judge to? The illustrations don’t exactly appear to have been cheap either this is from the artist’s website

“You know that your breed and it’s long term future would benefit from professionally drawn images to enhance your written standard.

Here is a price guide, which is a small price to pay for the long term serious problems, avoidance and prevention of different ‘types’ developing within your breed due to lack of uniformity and misinterpretation of words, if it hasn’t happened already. 

48 images – 2,500.oo UK Sterling. 24 images – 1,250.00 UK Sterling”

There is a whisper around though that the KC have already said they will be removing the images!

Crufts entry announced!

The Kennel Club have announced the 2009 Crufts entry: a whopping 22,677 the third highest of all time. The Glen of Imaal Terrier entry is 35 dogs making 37 entries. There are some truly amazing entries like 65 Spanish Water Dogs!

Getting better and better!

Two group placings and now, pause for fanfare, a Best In Show! Yes, you read that right and it is something that isn’t often read in Glendom. The Dunc (Amhard Damson Sauce and it has to be full name for SUCH an event) took Best In Show at Bury Sporting Terrier. Second pause for frantic clapping.

If Best In Show with a Glen isn’t an exactly common occurence it follows that a judge who has awarded it to a Glen of Imaal Terrier isn’t that common either. Eileen Foy, the replacement judge for National Terrier, can have that claim to fame twice; once at Manchester Sporting Terrier with Tom and once at Birmingham Gundog and Terrier with Bogglin.