National Terrier 2009 entry.

There are 32 Glens entered at National Terrier for Eileen Foy and unlike Crufts Glen of Imaal Terriers haven’t the lowest entry!!  The show is at Stafford Showground on April 4th and is a must see for all terrier enthusiasts.

To mentally prepare for the day and to recover from two days of  HEAVY blogging the next entry will be April 1st-All Fool’s Day.

Public Domain

The tag line of this blog is “keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date”. Those words sit right at the top of the page and what is written (and hopefully read) most days is intended to do just that; let people know what is going on that might affect them and their Glens.

Back on January 6th the introduction of the Kennel Club online Health Checker was announced & a link given so everybody could have a look. For the past six months many of the Kennel Club announcements have been able to be found here. Also some of the more “interesting” media comments and stories have graced this blog. A certain recent development has raised a question we knew was out there but it is one we can’t answer as we believe the EFG is doing what it can.

For months now the cry has been dog people should have “open transparency” in regard to anything and everything that could concern pedigree canine health. This is why the KC launched the online checker; anybody would be able to check if a certain animal had participated in any health tests i.e. results were moved into the public domain. Long before “online” was invented the Kennel Club produced the Breed Record Supplement; all animals registered with them were recorded and placed in the public domain.

Spring 2009 saw the collating together of Glen of Imaal Terrier information; information already in the public domain. There have been squeaks of indignation from a few “who gave permission?” “nobody asked us” “it’s not right”. It has seemed to be a genuine surprise that everything is “freely out there” for anybody to look at. The KC & the two dog papers have been covering this for months. Information has gone out to breed clubs about “changes” but apparently some are still unaware.

Collating the 08 results DID show some omissions in the Glen of Imaal Terrier results. The KC were got in touch with about this and the missing name has now been added. The owner of the dog did considerable teeth gnashing when the list was seen because they knew that their own dog had been done but if anybody used the KC tracker…….

AS everything is now in the public domain (and people are being encouraged to use the facility intensively) it can be suggested that all responsible Glen of Imaal Terrier people make sure anything to do with their dog, that is recorded at the Kennel Club, is up to date and correctly on the site. Even looking at the Glen Breed Standard now will find the Accredited Breeder Link. That link will indicate that Glen people who are ABs are required (previously recommended) to have done the relevent eye tests as per Kennel Club guide lines and there is another link to the online checker so it can be found out.

The EFG came into being because the “need to know” attitude around at the time irritated and Public Domain has been one of the bywords of the organisation. The blog came into being because it was wanted to get any information “out there”. The Kennel Club have come a bit late to the ideal but are beginning to adopt it with a vengeance. Actually that is probably the answer to the earlier question of “How can it be got out to people that everything to do with dogs, if the KC are involved, will soon be public domain?” It’ll take a bit of time and some will be later than others but hopefully like the KC they will adopt it with enthusiasm.

Irish Breeds Are Us!

The Glen of Imaal Terrier is the proud “other” cousin of the Terriers of Ireland. Many people in the street have heard of the Kerry Blue and probably the Irish Terrier. At a push they can maybe give a name to the Wheaten hairy one but Glens????? We don’t care (much) because we were officially there before our better known blonde cousin and have always been able to punch our weight! Over the next twelve months or so there will be a couple of unique occasions to see all the “Irishmen” together.

The FCI European Winners Show is being held in Dublin under the auspices of the Irish Kennel Club and full details for that can be seen here. Obviously all the Irish breeds will be there but they will be mixed up amongst the others as they are at shows over here. “The family” though will be the only dogs seen at the special KC Show for Native Irish Breeds. This show is a KC one so will be run differently from the IKC one. Payment will be in sterling rather than euros and CCs will be awarded. Full details can be found here.

The Euro Winners is on the 30/31 May. Entries close April 17th

The KC CC Show is on 31 May. Entries close April 10th (postmark)

The Irish Glen Association is also holding a Specialty on 29 May. Entries close April 25th.

2010 marks the 55th Anniversary of the recognition of the Soft Coated Wheaten and they are having hoping to have “one heck of a bash”. The Kennel Club have allowed a special show to mark the occasion and the Wheatens, Kerries, Irish and Glens are all holding shows at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire on April 18th.

The judge for Glens is Roger Bill; an interesting choice indeed. Roger hasn’t owned a Glen since the late 80s/early 90s so will bring a totally new eye onto the animals now in the ring. The President of the Irish Kennel Club, Sean Delmar, will be judging Best In Show and the numerous Stakes classes it is hoped will be scheduled.

The Native Breeds Trust will also be in attendance and it is anticiapted the programme will grow even more as the date approaches. Mark the diaries now.

Deed, Not Breed

Many signed an e-petition asking the Prime Minister to “Oppose any breed
specific legislation in regards to dangerous dogs.”

The Prime Minister’s Office has responded to that petition and you can view it here

Crufts Critique 2009

As always I enjoyed my time with the Glens & was delighted to be asked to judge them at CC level at Crufts. Thank you for a good entry & for the sporting way my decisions were accepted and applauded.

Type is perhaps a little diverse at the moment & I was constantly trying to balance my ideal type with movement. However overall I was pleased with the quality & very pleased with all my principle winners. OD was the strongest class with good ones right down the line. OB was more difficult to sort out as they really were all different sorts. There were some very promising puppies on show & as always with the Glens the Veterans were competitive & still in their prime.

DOGS. Veteran 1) Fr/Lux/Bel/Mon/Int Ch Perfect Lionheart of South Wind Kalyani, an impressive list of titles & this boy is worthy of them. Really nice shape & outline, very good on the move which put him at the front of the line. 2) Bronydon Barney Mac of Karensbrae, slightly longer in proportions than1 & not so good in the rear but loved his head & expression, still has a very good mouth, well handled. 3) Kirikee Just Follow Seamus, not so good on the move & out of coat but good overall type & certainly not disgraced.

Puppy. Two nice boys to sort out. 1) Jeonty Wannabe Bauer, really promising youngster, great mover, good head & bite, good coat for age, well presented, nothing much I would change at this age. At this stage thought he was likely to be BP but just preferred his sister’s proportions when it came to the challenge. Very bright future I should think. 2) Jeonty Highlander Boy, litter brother & close up. A bit more reserved than his brother & not quite the coat but still a nice puppy.

Junior. 1) Romainville Typhoon, not a bad type, struck me as being at an in-between stage, will look better with maturity.

Post Graduate. Interesting class. 1) Johnny Be Good at Romainville, my type, really nice outline & good ring presence, moves well & assertively. Was a bit short of body coat but well furnished. Did consider him for the RCC as he is a real showdog. Perhaps could do with a little more substance. 2) Romainville Bohdran, this young man made it an interesting contest.. Scored over 1 in substance & has a great outline. Was a bit distracted & therefore showmanship had to come in to it but is an extremely nice Glen. 3) Donvaleset Rebus, nice sort with good head , was a bit unruly & not so good in the rear.

Limit. 1) Amhard Damson Sauce, nice headed dog with good ears, very typical outline. Moves OK but a touch sluggish. Another needing time.

Open. 1) CC & BOB, Ch/Ir/Am/Sw Abberann Conan, my notes say a real stallion of a boy & that is exactly what he is, combines substance & power with soundness & had great ring presence as soon as he entered the ring, good outline standing & moving & looks so good in profile movement as he is really fluid, great rear. Easy to see why he has done so well & delighted to see him make the cut in the Group. Well presented & handled. 2) RCC Rogers Ch/Bel/NL Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster, this dog gets better with age. I have judged him a couple of times before & as a youngster found him a touch rangy. With maturity he now really fills the eye, moves so well & covers some ground. Sired the Bitch CC & some very promising puppies so is worth his weight in gold. Different type to 1 but equally acceptable & was close up. 3) Ch Jeonty Rock On Tommy, was CC & BOB last time I judged which gives some idea of the strength of the class. Still retains his lovely type & still has the great rear movement that so impressed me last time. Just not quite the bloom & not as assertive; a very worthy Ch.

Good Citizen. 1) Kirikee Just Follow Seamus.


BITCHES. Veteran. 1) Bel Ch Brockland Brenna Anne, an old favourite, just my type, good outline, lovely head & feminine but still with the requisite substance. Very stylish. Just a touch sluggish which lost her th RCC.

Puppy. Nice class. 1) BP Jeonty Wannabe Gemma, ended up in a battle with her litter sister for this class. Very nice puppy, good proportions, great attitude & showy, moved really well, nice coat & shows great promise, very nice head. Gave her BP over her brother simply because he looked a touch rangy against her but they could well change places over the next months. 2) Jeonty Maybe Daysee, on first inspection thought she was the winner which shows how nice she is. Feminine but with a bit of substance. Suspect that she can move really well, was a bit uncooperative which allowed her sister to get ahead of her. 3) Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm, another from this litter which was clearly a very good litter. Good type. Not yet the coat of her sisters & was not helping her handler. has all the time in the world.

Junior. 1) Donvaleset Brier, won the class as she was steadier that 2, ok in outline & a nice type. Good rear, maybe a shade long in foreface. 2) Donvalest Domino, typical Glen & showing with typical stubborness. A bit rangier than 1 & could do with tidying.

Post Graduate. 1) Romainville Ali Oop, my notes say very nice, which she was. Unfortunately was determined not to make it easy for her handler. Loved her outline, her coat & was well presented, very stylish. If she gets her act together could do really well.

Open. This class made me think as there were different types. 1) Jeonty Fern Grass, very much my type, still young for a Glen & there will be better to come yet. Very sound & positive on the move, in fact not much that I would change. Delighted to sign a CC for her & she should be an easy Champion. 2) RCC Ir Ch Abberann Enya, little sister to the DCC & similar in that she really has the substance. Pressed hard for the class & it was a similar competition to that for 1 & 2 in OD. In both classes they were different types with different things to recommend them. Felt she was a fraction too low to the ground & just a little reluctant which gave Fern Grass the nod. Is clearly of Champion grading. 3) Romainville Miss Moneypenny, very good type & really sound. Was a bit shy which pegged her.

Paul Eardley (Judge)


We are certainly talented!

Glen of Imaal Terrier people are joined by their love of the breed but we all have another life, often referred to as the day job, and it is incredibly varied what we all get up to. As Spring finally approaches (only another two days to go) have a look here and scroll down to the entry of the 16th March. Only one question springs to mind; how do Les and Monique manage to do that whilst being assisted by a brace of Glens?

Glens ARE a “3” breed!

After Crufts it was asked if Glen of Imaal Terriers were turning into a “3” breed? Yes we are! Yesterday was the Irish Kennel Club Celtic Winners Show (which will always be known as the St Patrick’s Day bash to people of a certain age) and Homer was Best of Breed which means he now adds CW ’09 to CW 07/08.

Well….you have to!

It’s March 17th and the “home turf” of Glen of Imaal Terriers is pretty obvious by their name so HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY.

What should be the blog of the day? Leprachauns, Guinness and Riverdance would satisfy some but maybe a bit too cliched (even for us) so to honour the day and to give the owners of these great dogs due encouragement why not have a look at this. These will be excellent, now that Spring is coming, to really help put that little extra condition on your Glen. After all that activity on returning home you can always settle down in the evening with this It was hoped Marmite would have repeated its Guinness Limited Edition but it seems not.

Is it us?

Have a look at this. It has been examined upside down and inside out. The microdot has been looked for and invisible ink has been mused upon but even after half a dozen times of reading the same answer still comes up: the Kennel Club have had another one of their moments!

It was an incredibly International Crufts with the canine exhibition world showing their support. The KC reaction to this (according to that press release) we don’t DO international anymore. Just think about the number one and two male Glen of Imaal Terriers at Crufts. Homer is an Irish, American, Swedish and UK Champion who happens to do a lot of commuting. Why should Nick and Ann bother to come here anymore if the KC can’t be bothered to acknowledge any more titles he picks up. Buster is a UK, Belgian and Dutch Champion and Jean was thinking about a few more overseas trips to hopefully turn Bussy into an Int. Ch. She might decide to still do it but it will never appear on anything “official” in the UK now.

The Rare Breeds and Imports have been huge overseas travellers since the Pet Passport came in. Some of the most multi-titled animals are amingst their ranks. They won’t be there anymore, well they might be but nobody in the UK will be aware of it just by reading the show catalogues.

Just wonderful how the Kennel Club seem to decide to acknowledge the time, effort, money and expertise of the breeders and exhibitors who go out into the world to show how good the UK dogs are!