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The tag line of this blog is “keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date”. Those words sit right at the top of the page and what is written (and hopefully read) most days is intended to do just that; let people know what is going on that might affect them and their Glens.

Back on January 6th the introduction of the Kennel Club online Health Checker was announced & a link given so everybody could have a look. For the past six months many of the Kennel Club announcements have been able to be found here. Also some of the more “interesting” media comments and stories have graced this blog. A certain recent development has raised a question we knew was out there but it is one we can’t answer as we believe the EFG is doing what it can.

For months now the cry has been dog people should have “open transparency” in regard to anything and everything that could concern pedigree canine health. This is why the KC launched the online checker; anybody would be able to check if a certain animal had participated in any health tests i.e. results were moved into the public domain. Long before “online” was invented the Kennel Club produced the Breed Record Supplement; all animals registered with them were recorded and placed in the public domain.

Spring 2009 saw the collating together of Glen of Imaal Terrier information; information already in the public domain. There have been squeaks of indignation from a few “who gave permission?” “nobody asked us” “it’s not right”. It has seemed to be a genuine surprise that everything is “freely out there” for anybody to look at. The KC & the two dog papers have been covering this for months. Information has gone out to breed clubs about “changes” but apparently some are still unaware.

Collating the 08 results DID show some omissions in the Glen of Imaal Terrier results. The KC were got in touch with about this and the missing name has now been added. The owner of the dog did considerable teeth gnashing when the list was seen because they knew that their own dog had been done but if anybody used the KC tracker…….

AS everything is now in the public domain (and people are being encouraged to use the facility intensively) it can be suggested that all responsible Glen of Imaal Terrier people make sure anything to do with their dog, that is recorded at the Kennel Club, is up to date and correctly on the site. Even looking at the Glen Breed Standard now will find the Accredited Breeder Link. That link will indicate that Glen people who are ABs are required (previously recommended) to have done the relevent eye tests as per Kennel Club guide lines and there is another link to the online checker so it can be found out.

The EFG came into being because the “need to know” attitude around at the time irritated and Public Domain has been one of the bywords of the organisation. The blog came into being because it was wanted to get any information “out there”. The Kennel Club have come a bit late to the ideal but are beginning to adopt it with a vengeance. Actually that is probably the answer to the earlier question of “How can it be got out to people that everything to do with dogs, if the KC are involved, will soon be public domain?” It’ll take a bit of time and some will be later than others but hopefully like the KC they will adopt it with enthusiasm.

3 thoughts on “Public Domain

  1. I read your article whoever you are as you dont sign anything. You or nobody else has the right to publish facts without checking them out 1st.Some of the information you print was tottally incorrect maybe YOU should check your facts 1st before you publish information on people.
    The arrogance of you (nanny ) knows best is doing nothing but sour peoples opinions a simple phone call to confirm facts is that so hard or were you not taught manners as a child. If you want co operation speak to people work with them at present realations seem to be none existant and you do not help with i know best attitude.
    Try co operating and working with people you never know it might work.

    • If the article you refer to had been read properly you would see it contains exactly what you suggest. The online checker is an excellent first port of call but it isn’t always infallible so do speak to the owner directly of any animal you are interested in.

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