Decisions, decisions…

A week away so what should be the announcement for the return?


The KC today revealed its new scheme replacing the Accredited Breeders Scheme, Good Citizen and Fit for Function Fit for Life Schemes. The new scheme the ‘ Dog Order of Good Citizenship , Rearing And Purpose’ incorporates many of the better aspects of all the previous schemes as well as introducing some well awaited new aspects, including new, revised accolades for the scheme.

Membership to the scheme will be mandatory for all breeders that wish to use the KC registration services.

Criteria for membership are:

1. All breeding stock must be permanently identified, by microchip, tattoo, DNA or the new electronic leg tag.

2. All breeders homes will receive a random inspection of facilities, any that fail to meet with the new required standards or that have chintzy or naff decoration will be given suitable time to correct these issues.

3. All breeding stock will be required to undertake a British Citizenship oral examination, this will include dogs recognising standard commands given in English and standing to command at the sound of the National Anthem.

4. Breeders must have been members of an associated Breed Club, or recognised Dog Training Club or Any Doggie related Club or charity for a minimum of 1 week. Note: Any members found to belong or have links to PETA or the RSPCA will be removed from the scheme, however membership of the TT Beanie Baby Puppy Club will be allowed.

5. The only exception to any of the above criteria will be on receipt of a sizeable cash donation to the KC officials benevolent fund. Any breeder wishing to exercise this option will be sent details of the offshore Icelandic Bank account numbers.

All members will receive membership packs which will include:

1. A4 printed certificate of membership.

2. New gold coloured puppy sales wallets.

3. Gold membership badge with the schemes initials.

4. Gold coloured Bic Biro.

5. Car and window stickers with the schemes logo.

6. Doggie poo bags.

7. Doggie treats.

8. £10 Woolworths gift voucher.

9. £50 discount towards double glazing.

It is our intention to allow members to choose the level of commitment to the scheme once the scheme has been in operation for six months, there will be two levels of membership each level will be recognised by different certificates, badges and tee shirts each with the respective logo of the level of membership chosen, earned, bought.

These levels will be:

1. Basic Membership. Members at this level agree with the scheme at its most basic requirements. All members will begin at this level and the logo and slogan for this level will be

‘ I like the look of D.O.G.C.R.A.P.’

2. Advanced or Full Membership. Members at this level will benefit from access to all registration services and receive badges, etc. with the logo and slogan for this level which will be

‘ I am full of D.O.G.C.R.A.P.’

This scheme comes into effect from today and as a special incentive membership to the scheme will be free for anyone joining on April 1st 2009 before midday only