National Terrier; quite a day!

Should National Terrier be announced with a new bitch Champion in Glen of Imaal Terriers? Should it be with a brother and sister taking Puppy Dog and Puppy Bitch? No, the event of NT was thisbreeders-group-nt0080

National Terrier held its first heat of the new Breeders Competition and there you see it….a group of Glens in the number four position. Left to right is Matt, Yvonne, Liz & Jean with Buster, Fern, Bauer & Gemma & they are all rather disorganisingly pleased to have had the biggest cheer of them all when the finger went out & the call was made “and the Glen of Imaals”

National Terrier was Jean’s day. Dog CC & BOB to Buster, Bitch CC to Fern which turned her into Champion Jeonty Fern Grass, Best Puppy Dog with Bauer & Best Puppy Bitch with BP to Gemma. The Reserve Dog CC went back to Ireland with Nick & Homer and Kathy took home the Reserve Bitch CC with Ally Opp.

The comment was made ringside that it could certainly be seen that judge Eileen Foy knew what she wanted. They did not realise just how true their words were. Eileen was the first judge to ever give a Glen Best In Show and that honour went to Aus Ch M Man Alone JW now fast forward quite a few years to Driffield Championship Show with judge Eileen Foy; Best Bitch to the g-g-grandaughter of  M Alone, M Military Music at Jeonty.  Bear with this, it gets better. Next judging appointment saw Eileen give Best Bitch to Daisy, daughter from the first litter of Milli. Today’s BB was Fern, daughter from the second litter of Milli. A judge that knows the type she appreciates.

It was an NT of a time warp. Oona Preece was back in the ring, Mike & Yvonne Brown were there with the new puppy. The breeders competition wasn’t the organised, planned- pre-emailed event of many breeds it was grab a dog and practice….to peels of laughter and raised eyebrows. Matt, new to Glens & very proper, couldn’t make his mind up whether he was slightly appalled at the unprofessionalism of everybody or was actually having a ball. His grin when the shout went up as the Glen group moved to the boards in the Breeders Group did give the impression of somebody rather enjoying himself!

STOP PRESS: Jean went home and discovered she had won £66.00 on the lottery!