National Terrier Critique

National Terrier 2009


In today’s entry I was rather disappointed to find several exhibits lacking power in the foreface & some also lacking the required well defined stop. Whilst it is good to have femininity in bitches this should not be at the expense of bone & substance. A Glen without powerful hindquarters could not work, &, if the trend continues to produce flashy animals with short backs, atypical toplines, tailsets & lack of stop, the breed will deteriorate into an amalgam of short legged terriers & loss of correct breed type.


PD: 1) Jeonty Wannabee Bauer, quality wheaten youngster, up to size. Abundant coat of good texture. Sound construction, correct proportions, good overall balance, well developed hindquarters. Moved soundly with drive. 2) Jeonty Dinky Doughnut smaller littermate of winner & not as mature. Same balance but lack of leg furnishing made him appear longer & lighter in bone which is not the case. Moved & showed well but lacks the muscular development at present.

JD: 1) Romainville Typhoon, big powerful dog with good strong head, would prefer a darker eye. Good overall balance. Did not use hindquarters to advantage on the move.

PGD: 1) Johnny Be Good At Romainville, quality wheaten dog of sound construction, good overall balance. Moved with correct drive. 2)Donvaleset Rebus, quality dog carrying too much coat which detracted from his virtues, hiding his good topline. Well made & moved well engaging his hindquarters. 3) Romainville Bodhran, another quality dog, good proportions but upright tail carriage & hind movement let him down.

LD: 1) Amhard Damson Sauce, powerful blue brindle dog, good bone & substance. Disappointingly earthbound on the move, head down & lacking impulsion behind.

OD: Strongest class of the day. 1) NL, Bel, Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster, top quality wheaten dog. Sound construction, correct proportions, well balanced. Good textured coat, excellent presentation. His forte is his movement, sound engaging his powerful hindquarters without exaggeration & effortlessly. CC & BOB. 2) Am, Ir, Sw Ch Abberann Conan quality blue powerhouse, lovely broad muzzle, good pigmentation, correct proportions. His topline rises past his loins to a highset tail which I found a typical, and resulted in a lack of engagement with his hindquarters, nevertheless an eye catcher. Res CC. 3) Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. A tadge short in back for me, good head but expression spoilt by ear carriage. Lacked power in hind movement.


PB: 1) Jeonty Wannabe Gemma, quality wheaten pup, good overall balance, sound construction, effortless movement, Best Puppy. 2) Romainville Rags’n’Tatters, another quality lady of sound construction, correct proportions but far more intent on the floor that moving with her head up which spoilt the balance of her movement.

JB: 1) Donvaleset Domino, blue brindle heavyweight with powerful head. Good overall balance, moved well once settled. 2) Amhard Extra Spice feminine youngster at present lacking rib & overall maturity. Would prefer more strength in muzzle & heavier bone.

PGB: 1) Romainville Alley Oop quality feminine bitch, good topline, sound construction, lovely movement fore & aft. Res CC. 2) Donvaleset Brier, wheaten bitch lacking power in muzzle, good overall balance but not as good in topline or hind movement as winner.

LD: Romainville Miss Moneypenny, wheaten quality bitch, good proportions, moved well enough but would like more strength of muzzle & better rise over the loin.

OB: Jeonty Fern Grass, top quality wheaten bitch with all the essentials, correct proportions, sound construction & free movement with drive. CC (her third I am pleased to learn). 2) Ir Ch Abberann Eilish at Kirikee, quality blue brindle heavyweight bitch, well made & balanced. Not as free in movement as winner. 3) Ir Ch Abberann Ennya, wheaten litter sister to the above yet totally different, shorter with level topline & high tailset.


Eileen S. Foy (Judge)