Let’s give it a go then..

In this day and age you can’t really run a title “How gay is gay?”, not on a family orientated dog blog anyhow, but that is what today should have been headed by.

4 comments on the blog itself regarding Glen of Imaal Terrier tail carriage and numerous off all basically along the lines of….”have you seen dog x? What about dog y?” So it is handed over to you; send photographs of Glens and their back ends that portray where you think a Glen tail should be and next week they can all be shown together on the blog.

All we will do is put them up, no comment whether wrong or right will be made and neither will the dogs be identified individually. If the photograph is a copyright one that will obviously be acknowledged but other than that it is over to you.

Just two suggestions: 1) if possible don’t send them in too large a format but we can cut them down if it is the only way they can come. 2) Obviously show shots are welcome but if the Glen is stacked heavily into place it might not show what the natural position of the tail is.