Well, what do you think?

The recent debate over tailset led to the offer being made of “send photographs of what you think is the set on of a Glen of Imaal Terrier tail” In other words how does a Glen naturally carry its tail? Both docked and fully tailed Glens were sent.tail51a42a40343a4 




0734a4Glen of Imaal7a38a39a310a3b4211a312a3302_1313a3dscf06563m13glen-0013io63glenlrg3Glen of Imaal Terrierglen_of_imaal_terier3irish-breeds-book4

The illustration above is the Glen of Imaal Terrier from the Irish Kennel Club produced book of Irish Native Breeds…with a very familiar tailset.

Thank you all for the photographs and there were more but 25 are enough to be looked at in one go!