European Winners Show Entry Details

The entry details are out for the European Winners Dog Show to be held in Dublin at the end of the month and hosted by the Irish Kennel Club. A fascinating list with the Dogue de Bordeaux coming top with 96 entries and many breeds will be seen for the first time in these islands; the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog with two entries being one of the more unusual. It is to be hoped that the owners of the 17 Amstaffs, if from mainland Europe rather than flying in direct from the States, have been told to carry their paperwork if travelling across England to avoid them being mistaken for Pitbulls. Glen of Imaal Terriers have the lowest entry amongst the native Irish Breeds at 14 but as West Highland White Terriers only have an entry of 13 it can be considered that the Glen folk are certainly flying the flag!

The full entry figures can be viewed here